I want to help get my school or club involved.  How do I do that?

There are representatives from each school that will be responsible for disseminating information/details about ChiroWunderLux.  We have joined together on a private Facebook group to discuss the best way or making the retreat available to all who want to attend.  Please contact Crystal Folta on Facebook or email her at chirowunderlux@gmail.com.

What’s the address?  Will my GPS work? 

Most likely your GPS will not work.  Exact directions will be posted before the event.

Garth's Boulder Garderns
53550 Pioneertown Rd
(1111 Gods Way Love)
Pioneertown, CA 92268

What is the venue like?

What if I am traveling across country and unable to bring a tent? 

Once we establish a list of attendees, we will come together and find out who has tents, who needs them, who wants to sleep where and with whom.  We can rent them a local southern California REI or the local docs/students can ask around to find extras.  It will be fun sharing sleeping space!  


What Are We Trying to Achieve at Sacred Flame Ceremony on Friday night?

The sacred fire circles are designed to create a transformational experience welcoming all artistic and spiritual traditions. A place where creating spontaneous music, motion, vocal offerings, and acts of service (or Seva) together under the stars is used to celebrate and commune with each other, nature, Spirit — whatever is sacred to you in your life. We strive to co-create a gathering in which we deepen our experience with each other during the day and at the fire — but we also gain insights and tools that, after returning home, inspire each of us to interact with our environment, local communities, and personal relationships with more awareness, integrity, and strength.


Can I arrive on Friday in time for the Fire Circle?

If you are not able to arrive on Thursday, we ask all participants to arrive by Friday evening before dark.  We are striving to offer a safe and sacred container for this gathering and create community connection. Late arrivals cause a disconnect for those who have already been in the fire circle experience and puts logistical stress on the registration team to get people checked in and oriented. PLEASE NOTE- There is no reduction in the registration rates for Saturday arrivals.


Are children allowed on the retreat?

We encourage you to bring your children.  We love them!!  What is a Chiropractic gathering without little ones? 

We encourage you to bring your children.  We love them!!  What is a Chiropractic gathering without little ones? 

Will there be childcare or a children's program?

We are working on it.  It may be an hour or two per day so the moms and dads can have a little frre time.  Details to follow! 


Can I vend?

Yes! We can offer space for vendors/healers. All vendors and their helpers need to register for the event, and arrive on site Friday at 1:00. There is no fee to vend. At the end of the event we will ask for a 10% tithe of your sales. No vending will be permitted during the Sacred Fire Circle and Crystal Bowls Ceremony.  Vendors need to supply all their own tables, canopies and chairs. If you plan to vend, let us know on the vendor application form what you intend to sell.  You must be approved by the ChiroWunderLux vendor coordinator prior to the event to avoid duplication or inappropriate merchandise.


Can I enjoy some wine or beer at this festival?

Because this is a conscious event we ask that you do not imbibe in alcohol or use illegal drugs. We are striving to "get high" through natural ecstatic means. For your safety and the well being of all participants we strongly request you comply with this agreement. If you are found to be inebriated or under the influence of drugs you will be asked to leave immediately with no refund.


I have a guitar. Can I play some of my songs?

Feel free to bring your guitar and share your music throughout the weekend. We ask that participants refrain from using melodic instruments “at the fire circle” since we are striving for a more spontaneous community ritual.  The performance aspect of melodic instruments like guitars are outside of the larger intention of the fire circle. Everyone is invited to offer a brief spoken piece, a poem or to lead a song or chant at the sacred fire.  You are more than welcome to and please bring drums & Sacred Sound Instruments- djembe, dununs, dumbek, frame drum, hang drum, Pan Art, dij, native flute, Shaman drum,  crystal bowls, singing bowls etc. 


Can I spin fire?

Due to very high fire warnings we will only allow fire spinning during the Saturday evening after the Crystal Bowls Ceremony.  Please check in with a staff member first. Fire safety is a must! 

Will there be showers?  Bathrooms?

No, there are no bathrooms and only a couple of showers.  We will renting port-o-potty.  Plan on bringing dry shampoo.


Tent, Bedding & Nesting area

Tent & Stakes

Ground cover

Rain Cover (not likely in Sept, but we never know!)


Sleeping Pad or Air Mattress

Sleeping Bag, or blankets

Camping Chairs

Decorations for your tent site

Pillows/Groundcover/camping chair- for your Fire Circle Nest




Daytime Clothes for comfort in hot weather

Fire Circle Clothes- fun & festive, expressive, masks & costuming all encouraged!


Body & Face Paints, Bindis etc.

Undies & Socks


Sun Hat

Sun Glasses

Walking Shoes

Dancing Shoes



Personal Care

Bath towel & wash cloth

Sun Block

Bug Spray


Glasses & Contact stuff

Toothpaste & Toothbrush

Hair brush, comb, hair bands


Shampoo, Dry Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap (please bring biodegradable & free of perfumes)

Personal First-Aid Kit if you feel you need it 

Feminine Hygiene items


Sleep Mask


Food & Beverage

Food to share for Wednesday’s pot luck dinner

Bring Breakfast for Thursday 

Reusable plate, bowl, cup, coffee mug & utensils (we will have dish wash stations available)

Snacks/munchies (nuts, fruit, chocolate, energy bars etc)

Meat additions for hard core carnivores (Vegan, Veggie options are served)

Water Bottle (the fresh spring water on site is good!)

Electrolytic Beverage Mix (if you feel the need)

Personal cooler for your goodies

Thursday lunch through Sunday breakfast will be provided

Bring money for smoothies, raw food snacks, fresh juice that will be sold by Sol Tribe. 



Drums & Sacred Sound Instruments- djembe, dununs, dumbek, frame drum, hang drum, Pan Art, dij, native flutes, Shaman drum, etc.

Items to create a personal or pathway altar

Directions to the Venue

Alarm Clock

Flashlight or headlamp 

Camera (NO photography at the Sacred Flame Fire Circle)

Cell Phone & Car Charger


Journal& Pens

Business Cards

Backpack/Day Pack

Work Gloves to help with the fire circle

Garbage Bags for your own personal garbage 

Yoga Mat



WHAT NOT TO BRING (we are very serious about this)


Illegal drugs