This retreat was created to bring Chiropractors (and DC2B) together... for that SOUL purpose.  It's not about teaching you anything or learning anything. It about unity on the deepest level... the unity within ourselves.  During the discussions about ChiroWunderLux it came up about the divide or fighting in our profession.  "Why is that so?"  We know pushing back or fighting against something doesn't work. Have you ever tried to adjust someone who was fighting you... force doesn't work.   Another question came up "Why don't more people go to Chiropractors... it doesn't make sense?"  I would say at least 99% of the people who have ever gotten adjusted LOVE IT! Why hasn't Chiropractic spread like wildfire?  Is it because the animosity among us...who is right and who is doing wrong. Would you ever want to visit a family member or a neighbhor home who is always fighting?   You can feel the tension when you walk in the door. Energy speaks for itself.  Is this us?  We decided to create a space where we come as equals, come as the beautiful expressions of ourselves with NO judgement... a space to share LOVE.. the deepest essence of ourselves.  Joshua Tree, the desert is perfect for this.

The price of the retreat is barely covering the cost of food, location and facilitators. All donations and proceeds go toward putting on ChiroWunderLux and/or getting students to the event.  If you decide you want to help out financially, please confer the amount that feels right to you.  We are also asking that you write a note saying why you or your organization feels it's important to support our retreat. We will share the notes here. If you don't like writing or want to remain anonymous, that is totally fine.  

Thanks for your contributions!   

Investment:  $250 students/spouses, $350 DC’s, $200 children 12-18, free for children 11 and under. Price covers cost of food, campsite, port a potty rental, etc. for the entire event.